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Atrium Dance Studios Intermediate Salsa Performance Group

Intermediate Salsa Performance Group from the Atrium Dance Studio


The Atrium’s first Intermediate Salsa Performance Group was started sometime around June 2004.

As with anything new, there were some growing pains. There was a big turnout. We started with about 18 people, but ended up having 6 couples performing with at least 3 extra women.

Click on the video below to view our intermediate performance group dancing to Merecumbe at Polaris in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The second intermediate performance group had even more interest. There were 12 couples in all dancing to Me Gust Boogaloo ! This group danced for Atrium Dance Studios 5th Anniversary in April 2006.

Now that we are coming to the end of 2006, have yet another Intermediate Performance Group. Not one, but TWO groups. There were at least 14 couples and at least 4 extra women this time so we had to split the group up in two. Barbara Capaldi is choreographing one group and George Dennis the other.

This years performance as always will be HOT. If you’re in the area, don’t miss the performances at the Atrium Dance Studio this December 16, 2006 !


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