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Intermediate Salsa Performance Group from the Atrium Dance Studio

Intermediate Salsa Performance Group 2006


Well, Barbara did it again ! The interest in the intermediate salsa performance group was so large that we had to split it into two groups.

Barbara took the first group and George Dennis took the other group. Together, but separately, they put together two different performances.

Here are the members of Barbara’s group.

Pictured from left to right are Chris & Millie, Katherine & Angel, Arren (me) & Leilani, Patty, Barbara Capaldi, & Jose, and John and Janice.

Salsa Dancing - Barbaras Intermediate Salsa Performance Group

Not Pictured: Steve and Gayle. They were unable to perform due to unforseen circumstances.

We danced for Atrium’s Latin Christmas Party on December 16th, 2006 and the Christmas Ballroom Party on December 17th. With only six weeks to prepare, our group pulled together as a team to rehearse and pull this off.

I had my doubts in the beginning if we’d actually be ready to perform in time, but everyone was serious and committed to the performance. That made it possible for us to put on a good show.

Here’s a video of me and Katherine practicing at my house. I think its sideways because the person holding the camera rotated it sideways. Just tilt your head to the side, or if you have a monitor that rotates, you may want to rotate it now.

View Barbara’s Intermediate Salsa Performance Group dancing at the Atrium Dance Studio’s Latin Christmas Party:

George’s group worked especially hard to put their routine together. They spent countless hours perfecting it. All the effort and hard work shows in their performance.

View George’s Intermediate Performance Group dancing at the Atrium Dance Studio’s Latin Christmas Party:

Special thanks to Jose for sharing these videos!!

6th Latin Anniversary Party

Barbara Capaldi had her 6th Latin Anniversary Party February 3rd, 2007.

There were 11 performances by her students, groups around the area and even groups from New York!

Here is the video of her Intermediate Salsa Group Performing.

Here is the video of George’s Intermediate Salsa Group Performing.


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