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I Love Salsa

I Love Salsa

by Mary Navarro

(Providence RI)

Mary Navarro

Mary Navarro

My name is Mary. I am puertorican. I used to be a great salsa dancer going out to dance 3 -4 times a week. It was my passion and still is but I am not able to dance anymore due to illness (I walk with a cane now).

I miss it so much! I have a daughter that takes after me in dancing. I have lots of great memories of my dancing days that I’ll never forget.

Keep dancing for me, have fun and love it.

Beautiful site you have. Thank You !


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Feb 10, 2008 You Love Salsa

by: Salsa Dancing Addict

Thanks for sharing your story.

We’ll all keep dancing for you !

Please write back if you would like to share any dancing tips for the salseras.

Salsa Dancing Addict

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