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Hardly anyone asks me to dance!

Hardly anyone asks me to dance!


I am a decent dancer. I won’t say fabulous because I’m fairly new, but I take semi-private classes twice a week and rueda casino style classes two or three times a week at clubs.

I dance with no less than 25 partners in my rueda classes, and have great connections with at least 5-10 of the dancers. While learning the patterns, we’ll just take off dancing free-style and implement the patterns somewhere in the dance.

We have lots of fun and a lot of them are like “Wow, you’re so much fun to dance with!” But afterward, during the club part, they don’t ask me to dance. Only my friends do, and I end up leaving because I’m bored.

I think these men are people I can learn a lot more from, and they are so much fun! They tell me I’m good! They know my dance level, but yet…where are they when it’s time to really dance? I’m attractive, so I don’t think that’s it. Help! What can I do to have a better time?


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Feb 09, 2009 Just Can’t Believe It

by: Salsero

Please tell me you are kidding. I just can’t believe it.

In addition to the already administered pieces of advice (why am I so academic all of a sudden), please see the text below.

In addition to getting away from your crew cause they might be sending toxic signals on your behalf, make eye contact and smile when a salsero approaches you for a dance. Also, don’t give a look that says “you better know what you are doing boy!”.

Beginner salseros can be intimidated by attractive salseras from their own studios. If in addition, they sense that you complain a lot during class, they will tend to not ask you for a dance.

Be confident. When I was a beginner, I use to think that only salseros needed lots of confidence to dare asking for a dance. I later found out that salseras needed as much confidence following on the dance floor. So be confident.

Keep on looking good stepping on the dance floor. Salseros just have to deal with your hotness.

If I ever found you dear salsera, I will dance with you till cows come home. Let see if this valentine weekend will be your breakthrough.

Happy Valentine Day.

Wishing you lots of salsa to spice up your life.

So Addicted.

Nov 15, 2008 Don’t be shy!

by: Larry

The places I go to dance have a lot of single men and women who are eager to dance.

When I started dancing over 3 years ago I was quite happy to have any of the available ladies ask ME to dance..as I tend to be a bit shy myself with new people.

Now I am married to my dance partner (whom I met when I started dance lessons).

The point is that most men do like to be asked to dance and are flattered when a lady of any skill approaches them.

The single ladies who end up dancing the most are those who don’t mind asking as well as being asked.

Now go Salsa your heart out!


Nov 05, 2008 Try not to get bored

by: Egy Salsero

It is strange, every man goes to the salsa nights to dance, so, they should ask you to dance!
The problem may be in you giving them “wrong” signs — like you stay back away from the dance floor, it is a clear sign that your not here to dance.

Maybe you are always mixed with your close friends, and you should expect that no one will ask you to dance as long as there are about 4 or 5 persons sitting with you.

You should give the salseros clear indications that you are here to dance and to enjoy dancing with different partners. So, stay always close to the dance floor, move with the music and enjoy it and make sure to be alone or with one girl friend no more 🙂

I believe if you do that, you will keep on dancing the whole night 🙂

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