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How Do I Get Better At Dancing Salsa?

How Do I Get Better At Dancing Salsa?

Here’s the magic formula to get better at dancing salsa. You’ve taken those salsa dance lessons, but it seems like you’re not getting any better, right?


Dance, Dance, Dance! The first step in the magic formula

Ask yourself why are you taking those lessons? Do you go out and dance? Or just take lessons?

If you don’t go out and dance and use what you’ve learned, you’ll never get better. Go out there and dance, dance, dance! Dance with everyone you can and have no shame.

There’s no reason to be nervous dancing with someone that’s better than you. They were a beginner once and they are bound to be helpful to you.

You’ll discover that the best dancers that are out there are the nicest people you’ll get to know.

Get better at dancing salsa

Dance with good dancers

It’s a fact. If you always dance with the same dancers that are at the same skill level, you won’t be able to advance as quickly. Good dancers know how to lead and how to follow.

Some of the nice dancers will even work with you to hone in your skills. How lovely! You get to make a new friend and also get a mini-private lesson!

What’s more is that they’ll probably know more good dancers for you to dance with.

Dance with different people

Its good to have variety. Each person has a different style and dances differently. If you dance with one person all the time, all you are doing is learning how to dance with just that one person. What’s the fun it that?

To get better at dancing salsa, you’ll need the variety. Each time you go out, make it a goal to dance with at least one or two people that you’ve never dance with before.

You’ll learn to feel who is a good dancer and who is not. When you find a good dancer, you’ll know.. It will feel just right 🙂

Ditch the group and go for private lessons

Eventually, you’ll reach a plateau with group lessons and you’ll want to get better at dancing salsa. To get to the next level, you should consider taking private lessons.

The instructor will be able to break everything down for you and you might find that the instructor may even break you apart. Figuratively speaking.

You may come to realize that your fundamentals might need brushing up because group lessons do not give you the individualized attention that you need.

If you feel like your spins aren’t up to par, take private lessons to work out the kinks. You’ll go a long way fast!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Once again, it comes down to dance, dance, dance to get better at dancing salsa. Or in this case practice, practice, practice! (Try typing that three times fast!)

Salsa Dancing Styling

Practice your technique.

Practice time is time to practice your proper technique to get better dancing salsa. Without the proper technique, you’ll end up looking sloppy.

If you want to add some style, first make sure you have the proper technique down.

Make sure your steps and movements are clean and smooth and that you are grounded rather than light on your feet.

Take a styling class

Taking a styling class will enable you to take a simple basic step and turn it into something that looks cool and smooth and with some attitude!

Consider a style class once you’ve master your basic techniques.

Take a break!

As much as you’d like. You can’t make your body dance 24 hours, 7 days a week. You’ll not get better at dancing salsa that way.

As with exercise, your body needs a break every now and then. If you work yourself so that you are tired all the time, you’ll be teaching your body how to dance with “tired” moves instead of the right moves.

Also, you’ll eventually lower your immune system and increase your chances of getting sick. And you know you can’t dance when you’re sick!

So take your breaks and get better dancing salsa!

Salsa Dance Better By Knowing The Music

You can salsa dance better if you know the music. It will give you the advantage of knowing what comes next. Salsa music tells a “story” and you can synchronize your movements to the musical phrases of this story.

You’ll notice that some of the moves and patterns you learn work better with the slow or fast parts of the music. Try and remember these parts and work them into the music at the most opportune times.

Knowing when the music ends also gives you the advantage of being able to add a hot dip at the end, or hit the last beat with your favorite move.

If you are still a salsa baby, you may not own a collection of salsa music. Get your hands on as much salsa music as you can and listen to it all the time. It will get you familiar with the musical phrases that appear in most all of the salsa songs. Search for popular artists like Hector Levoe, Marc Anthony, Tito Puente, and Celia Cruz.

You’ll come across some music that intentionally fools you into thinking that the song ended, only to start again 5 seconds later. It’s funny to hear the whole room go “ohhh!” as they realize that they got tricked!

I hope you will find these tips useful to get better at dancing salsa!

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