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Gabellini Dance Shoes – The History of Your Number One Salsa Dance Ballo Dance Shoes

Gabellini Dance Shoes –

The History of Gabellini

My name is Giancarlo Gabellini, originator of Gabellini Dance Shoes. Gabellini is a dance shoe company that started in Montreal, Canada but now operates and warehouses in New York. We offer dancers a dance shoe that is unique in styling and form. I am a salsa dancer but strictly for fun and to enjoy the health benefits and social aspect of the dance community.

Getting Started


The idea for dance shoes came to me after a year of taking Salsa lessons and I wanted to find shoes. After shopping around I realized there were few options. I would not wear a jazz slipper that offers neither comfort nor style and the standard ballroom latin shoe was out of the question. I have owned businesses all of my life so production and manufacturing are second nature, the decision was obvious, to design my own dance shoes. Experienced in styling through in garment industry I simply designed shoes for men that I would wear and fashion forward styles for salseras, that formula continues to be successful. 80% of our styles are available for women who usually come looking for comfort after a long weekend of workshops and social dancing.

After launching at my first congress in 2005 the shoes were a huge success with instructors, performers and social dancers. I enthusiastically expanded the line with new styles and colors. Salsa is not like other dances, we have our own style, music and fanatically enjoy social dancing. We deserve dance shoes to match our passion.
The saying goes "if you want to be successful do something you're passionate about". Building this business allows me to be a part of the salsa community and traveling allows me to dance and meet people across North America and Europe.

By attending over 40 Salsa Congresses I get great feedback from the best dancers in the world so my shoes are continuously being improved with new features. Gabellini Dance Shoes are also making inroads in other forms of dance such as West Coast Swing, Hustle and Ballroom.Gabellini Dance Shoes

We have also been expanding into Europe to put Gabellini Dance Shoes on the feet of anyone who loves to dance. We promote our shoes at all the Salsa Congress across North America, if not in person our representatives will give you the same service as I do. Dance studios, instructors and performers throughout North America do a great job promoting Gabellini Dance shoes.

Gabellini giving back

We have been very successful and believe that giving back to the dance community is an important part of our Mission Statement and our Win/Win philosophy.

* We always stand behind our shoes. We offer a free return shipping on all our shoes.
* We sponsor many dance tropes and fund raising activities.
* Each month we give away a pair of dance shoes and Full Congress Passes to the best events, so join our mailing list at www.gabellini.net
* We donate shoes to children's dance groups to ensure the future success of Salsa. Have a charity in mind contact me! gabellini.net@gmail.com
* By partnering with Albert Torres events we attend all congresses, big and small. We're proud to contribute to the success of your local Salsa Congress.

Our best promotion are testimonials and references from fellow dancers and for this we are grateful and we promise to keep making the coolest looking dance shoes. If you have any questions about our shoes please feel free to contact me.

Thank you
Giancarlo Gabellini
Gabellini Dance Shoes

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