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Gabellini Dance Shoes Review – Classic, Sexy and Stylish Salsa Shoes

About Gabellini Dance Shoes

About Gabellini Dance Shoes
by Brett F.

A few years ago at the Chicago Salsa Congress I met the man selling the beautiful white and black classic Gabellini Dance Shoes. The table wasn’t cluttered with a bunch of ads or a sky high tower of shoe boxes. It was just Giancarlo and a few pairs of his dance shoes. He didn’t even have to try hard to sell them. International clients walked up to his table to exchange cash and smile before heading to the dance floor.

Classic Gabellini Dance Shoes
It’s not so much that their features were so extraordinary compared to other quality dance shoes, but that they were light years ahead of them in style. This was what caught my attention. I literally thought that my boyfriend should immediately lose the Portuguese black ballroom shoes and get a pair of these. But then, I’ve always been one to care deeply that art and style mesh with functionality.

In the world of dance shoes there are plenty of brands on the market, none of which are inexpensive, though a rare few do provide really great value for your dollar!

All dancers love to look hot and part ofClassic Gabellini Shoe Bottom View - Sneaker with Suede Sole that is knowing how to pick sexy shoes, especially salsa shoes. Gabellini Dance Shoes is one brand that stands out, in particular, for its sleek ‘Euro-style’ design, comfort, stylish colors, versatility (they’re unisex) and casual feel. They’re like sneakers, but with a suede sole for gliding, not sliding on the dance floor.

Dancing appeals to all kinds of people. Salsa dancing, is taught from Cuba to Japan. Especially when you’re dancing away from home, it’s best to be in the know and seek to partner with other dancers and dance students. It’s easy to tell which people are serious about salsa dancing, for example, and who is just out to party. Serious dancers always have the right footwear. This is true for both guys and girls in the dance scene.

The easiest way to tell who’s for real and who’s not is to look at everyone’s feet.Gabellini Shoe Feet Salsa dancers, both men and women, are commonly seen wearing salsa shoes, jazz shoes, or ballroom dancing shoes on the dance floor.

There will always be that person wearing too much cologne or perfume who wants to take you for a spin, but won’t be there to catch you! These folks will never be wearing official dance shoes! They may wear sneakers, or business casual leather shoes for men. For ladies, you’ll see the highest heels with plastic soles or mules that have no strap for support. Always be courteous to everyone, but remember that serious dancers of all levels will provide a better dance experience for you.

After all the lessons and workshops, it’s time for a cocktail and then siesta because when evening comes, it’s dancing time. Balliamo! Let’s Dance.

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By rich Sun Nov 2nd 2014 at 12:18 pm  

what is the name of the website that sells Gabillini shoes?

thanks, rich

By Dimitrih29 Tue Apr 9th 2019 at 12:10 pm  

Same problem; I can’t find these issues anywhere online. And the website no longer exists.

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