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Exotic Salsa Shoes – Review

Exotic Salsa Shoes – Review

Exotic Salsa Shoes is a great place to buy your next pair of salsa shoes! 

Are you are looking for salsa shoes and can’t decide where to buy?  I recently bought a pair of salsa shoes and will share my shopping experience with you!

First Impressions

At first, it doesn’t look like much. You see a few shoes on the front page and a few things catch your eye. The first thing that caught my eye were the words FREE SHIPPING.  Nice one. Getting me interested already.

Next thing that caught me were the prices.  What do you normally pay for a salsa dance shoes? $130?  $110? $100? Not here. 

Free shipping and low prices

Most of the shoes are priced around $69.  And sometimes they even have specials.  I went back to their website today and saw a pair of women’s leopard print shoes that were normally $89.00 and now it’s $49.84 for January. Unbelievable.1620 Leopard

Don’t believe me? Well, click on the shoes and see for yourself!

Finding your shoes

Navigating to find your shoes is easy. At the upper left are all the categories. When you click on it it opens up a page full of shoes.

Exotic Salsa Shoes Navigation

I was looking for men’s shoes and didn’t want another ordinary ho-hum boring shoe.

There weren’t as many men’s shoes as there were women’s shoes. But the men’s shoe were definitely not boring.

Here are some interesting styles that I found in their store.


916102 Black Patent & White leather
M100101 Brown Leather & Brown Nubuck

2504 Black Nubuck & White Patent

 916102 Black Patent & Black Leather
919101(2505) White Leather

I didn’t end up getting any of these.. but I ended up getting this one.
M100101 Black Patent & Black Leather

Ordering was very simple

It took me about 5 minutes to order because I had to create a new customer account and enter my information. As advertised, they offered Free 5-7 day shipping via UPS, but there were other options available if you wanted to pay for faster delivery.

Exotic Salsa Shoes had several payment options such as Amex, Visa, Mastercard, and what’s this? Paypal!  I don’t like handing out and saving my credit card information to many websites, so I try to use paypal when I can. 

The transaction was flawless.  Couldn’t be happier.

Fast Fulfillment

I put my order in the night of Thursday, December 27th, 2007 and the very next day it was processed and shipped!  Talk about fast!

Exotic Salsa Shoes – Unboxed

The package from Exotic Salsa Shoes was shipped via UPS and arrived January 7th.  Not bad from West to East Coast.   Keep in mind that it took an extra day because of the New Year Day holiday.

Exotic Salsa Shoe package
Check out the packaging. The shoe box came wrapped in a grey plastic wrap to protect it.

Opening it up

Exotic Salsa Shoe boxHere it is.  The shoe box in perfect condition. Very fine Very Fine shoes.

Inside a Nice Surprise!

Exotic Salsa Shoe with bagA Very Fine shoe bag was  included in the box. 

The shoes were in perfect condition and came pre-laced so you are all ready to go.

Shoes Close Up

Exotic Salsa Shoe Closeup 2Here’s a close up of the shoes. 

They are very lightweight as you would expect.

I put them on my scale and they weight in at 1.0 lbs.

Exotic Salsa Shoe Closeup m100101The suede bottoms were one of the best I’ve seen. 

They aren’t like the last shoes I bought.

These suede soles actually go back to being soft after brushing them.

Exotic Salsa Shoes – Summary

Here’s a summary rating of Exotic Salsa Shoes:

Exotic Salsa Shoes Webpage

Look and Feel

The look is professional and what you would expect from a top-notch salsa shoe vendor.


Browsing all the shoes is very easy. Just pick the category you want in the top left categories and then click on the the picture of the shoe you want to look at. 

Selection of Shoes

There are ton of women shoes and styles available for the ladies, but not as much for men’s shoes to select from.  That’s the only reason why I gave it four stars.


The price of the shoes can’t be beat.  This is the only salsa vendor that I’ve seen so far that prices their shoes at below $100. 

The shoes that they sell are of very good quality and priced less than you would expect.  When you dance 3 to 4 times (or more) you wear out shoes rather quickly, and it's nice to know you have a place to buy shoes that won’t break your wallet.

Ease of Ordering

The ordering process was straightforward and consistent with other major websites.  It uses the shopping cart model – choose what you want and put it in your cart. Take it to the Checkout and it will guide you the rest of the way.


You can’t beat Free Shipping. And if you are in a rush, you can still get your shoes shipped faster for a small fee.


You’ve ordered your shoes and you want them NOW.  Exotic Salsa Shoes processes and ships your order that same day or the next business day (depending what time of day you order).

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