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Estilo Dance Studio , Philadelphia PA – Student Performances

Estilo Dance Studio

Estilo Dance Studio was founded by Mike Andino. He is the owner and dance instructor of this studio.  He has some of the best salsa dance instructors in the Philadelphia area teaching at his studio. For example, Darlin Garcia and Kat Eccleston, 3rd place World Salsa Champions !

Come watch as they and their students perform a

Tribute to Hector Lavoe!

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First up is Kids Con Estilo performanging to El Cantante.

Choreography by Mike Andino and Irina Pistolet
Performed by Mike Andino, Irina Pistolet, Lance Lopez and Nya Velasquez

Second is the Intermediate Performance to Te Conozco, choreographed by Uriel Garcia.
Performed by salseros: Norberto Baez, Eric Datis, Brandon Jones, and Jaime Madera
Salseras: Philipa Depado, Brenda Levin, Jan Mason, Elisabetta Russo

Third performance is the Pro/Am Performance to Que Lio, choreographed by Darlin Garcia.
Performed by Darlin Garcia and Bleigh Ahl

Fourth up is the Intermediate performance to Todo Tiene Su Final choreographed by Mike Andino and Irina Pistolet.

Next is the Advanced Performance group performaning to Timbalero choreographed by Darlin Gracia.
Performed by salseros: Brandon Brolly, Lloyd McDonnaugh, David Sauceda, Hong Tang, Hector Velarde
Salseras: Melissa Anthony, Marissa Dyer, Lourdes Echevarria, Zoe Fonseca Kelly, Jackie Vega

The Last performance is the Pro/Am Performance to Se Baila Mejor choreographed by Darlin Garcia.

Performed by Darlin Garcia and Janice Manaois.

And what a finale!

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