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Erick Calvillo, Los Angeles, LearnSalsa.com

Erick Calvillo, Los Angeles, LearnSalsa.com


I have been taking classes with Erick from my first attempts at the basic steps. He is amazing!

He has always been patient, but very firm. He has pushed me to learn, never allowing my naivete, my inexperience, or my ever-present inclination to lead be a barrier to learning.

Every week he has come up with more complex patterns, keeping them around until I got them right. Just as important to him as teaching me the technical skills, he is absolutely RABID about me looking good.

Even though his class is labeled a beginners class, I have reached the intermediate-advanced level, and he has adjusted part of his class for those of us who have. We just keep coming. He’s a great person to top it all off.

He is now dancing, choreographing and standing in for the famous Alex da Silva. He is about to take off professionally. I will miss him when he is too busy for us, but I am so proud to have learned from him!


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by: Elizabeth Johnson

RE: LearnSalsa.com

I agree, this school is top notch,

I did learn sala at their bootcamp!

Very professional company, great atmosphere,
friendly and they know their stuff when it

comes to Salsa and Bachata!!

I recommend them to EVERYONE!!!!


May 19, 2010 Learnsalsa.com school

by: Sarah Johnson

I have taken the LearnSalsa.com Salsa Bootcamps, this school is extremely sophistacted on how they run the operation!

Ericks amazing, learnsalsa.com is the BOMB!

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