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El Gran Combo – The number 1 salsa band from Puerto Rico

El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico !


El Gran Combo was on the Parkway in Philadelphia, PA this July 3rd, 2006. They appeared for a free concert for the 2006 Fiesta on the Parkway.

I didn’t know this at the time, but they are the #1 salsa group from Puerto Rico ! They play ALL of my favorite salsa songs.

El Gran Combo

I have listened to them time and time again when going out salsa dancing.

They are a huge group (literarlly). The members consist of Charlie Aponte, David Marrero, Domingo ‘Cuqui’ Santos, Eddie Pérez, Freddie Miranda, Freddy Rivera, Jerry Rivas, Jorge Torres, Luis ‘Papo’ Rosario, Luis ‘Tati’ Maldonado, Miguel ‘Pollo’ Torres, Moisés Nogueras, Rafael Ithier, Richie Bastar, and Víctor ‘Cano’ González.

My favorite singer

Charlie Aponte Riled Up
That day was my first time ever watching El Gran Combo. I didn’t know who they were until they started singing their songs.

Out of all the people in the group, Charlie Aponte is my favorite! Right away he stands out at you. You can tell that he is really into the music. He lives and breaths salsa. Salsa is in his soul and quite literally flows in his blood.

He is quite animated in the way he moves. I captured some of this in the videos I took with my digital camera.

Charlie Aponte Headshot
I need to go out and buy some of their CDs now!

Here’s are the videos below. You may need to download the newest version of Quicktime V7.0 to play this.


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