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e.K. Clothing – Review

e.K. Clothing – Review

e.K. Clothing Review Article
March 30, 2008
by Millie

e.K. Clothing
First Impressions

I recently bought two gorgeous dresses at E.K. Clothing.com.

This salsa based clothing website offers all types of different Latin dresses as well as cute tops and skirts at very affordable prices.

For those salsa dancing ladies that are always on the look out for cute outfits to wear on your nights of pure Latin dancing, I recommend you check out E.K Clothing. This website also has salsa gear for women, men, girls, and boys.

The website was very easy to navigate thru. Once I arrived at the home page there were 5 different tabs, each with a selection of a type of clothing wear (dresses, top, skirts, pants and now there newly added edition, SHOES!).  Read about their Platform Dance Shoes here

Affordable prices

Millie with Purple Gathered Bodice Salsa Dress from EK Clothing

Millie in Purple
Gathered Bodice

Their selection of dresses varied from cute, short, flirty outfits to long length elegant but yet sexy fashions. Though I have to say I was rather disappointed in the lack of different colors that were available in some of the dresses, their variety and affordable prices of the outfits that were offered compensated for it.

The variety of tops, skirts and pants that e.K. Clothing offered at their website was not as diverse as those of the dresses, but nonetheless very appropriate if you are looking for something to wear for a night of fun with your girlfriends at your local salsa club, or, to share a night of fun salsa dancing with your date.

Purchasing made easy

The purchasing process at e.K. Clothing was simple and easy and it does not take much of your time. It took me no more than 5 minutes to register and fill out my information.

I was given a confirmation number once I made my purchase which comes in handy in case there is something wrong with the order. E.K. Clothing sent me e-mails to let me know when the items were packaged and shipped out to my house.

This was very useful to me since I was planning to wear one of the outfits in the next few days and I could keep track of how long it would take for them to arrive at my house.

Speedy Delivery!

I was very pleased with the speedy delivery. It only took 3 days from the day I ordered it to get to my house, and the outfits were neither wrinkled nor damaged during the shipping process.

Millie in Cross Tie Wrap Dress from EK Clothing

Millie in Black
Cross Tie Wrap Dress

I ordered two dresses. One of them fit beautifully. It is long but yet sexy with a touch of elegance in its style. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same thing about the other one. All I can say is that it did not fit as expected.

Return/Exchange Process

For this reason, I sent back the dress and exchanged it for another different style of dress. I expected the returning/exchanging process to be just as fast as the shipping process but it took longer than I anticipated, to be exact, two weeks from the day I sent back the original dress by priority mail, but, I was very satisfied with the dress I exchanged it for. It fit great! The material was of good quality, and the color was beautiful.

Recommended for Performances

I recommend the ladies to check out E.K. Clothing especially if you are involved in group performances. I have participated in group performances in the past and I know how challenging it can be to find that perfect dress that would suit all the girls in the group as well as the song or theme that you are dancing to.

It is my opinion that this website has an outfit that can satisfy the different types of styles that salsa dancing ladies might be looking for.

Their variety of outfits is not only suited for salsa performances, but also for any other type of Latin dances such as; Tango, Cha Cha or Flamenco. There is a type of outfit for every dance.

I would visit E.K. Clothing again if I am ever in the need of a cute salsa dress, and for me there is always a need for one. Being a “salsera” it is important to me to not only look nice but to also feel comfortable in what I am wearing while dancing. I am happy with the outfits I chose and I would shop there again if the need arose.


e.K. Clothing

Selection Of Clothing – I gave this category 4 stars because I think they have a good selection of dresses. I would have given it 5 stars had the selection of pants and skirts been broader.

Price – Definitely 5 stars! Their clothes are very affordable, and even cheaper than going to an actual store at the mall.

Ease of Ordering – I gave it 5 Stars for the simplicity of the process.

Shipping – Their delivery was very fast. Ordered the clothes on Tuesday, received it on Friday. Very happy with this service!

Fulfillment – I gave it 4 Stars. The dresses were made of really good quality material, and the fit is awesome!

Returns – Disappointed with the length of time it took to receive the new exchanged dress. *

* Editors Note

I spoke with e.K Clothing and here was their response:

"2 weeks for an exchange is about average (for us and for many other online shopping sites) and is reasonable when it’s considered that those 2 weeks include the mail transit time from the customer to us and then from us back to the customer. Also, we process our returns/exchanges 1-2 times a week in batches. It would be very time consuming to process returns one by one as they came back to the store. As far as time in transit – it takes packages a couple of days to reach their destination which is part of the return process. We do offer expedited exchanges for customers who call us in advance and make that request."

As of April 2, they have updated their FAQ section with this information.

– Salsa Dancing Addict

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e.K. Clothing

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