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Drinking and Dancing? Why do it?

How does drinking and dancing affect me?

Martini Drink Salsa Dancing

Drinking and dancing can be a bad combination for your salsa dancing. As a guy, there are just too many things to think about while dancing. Yeah.. you know that the first thing to go is your judgment, and then there goes your balance — two very important things that you’ll need.

  • Drinking makes you think you dance better. But the only problem is you’re the only one who’s thinking it.

    SADD – Salseros Against Drunk Dancing

Think about it. So true right? A beer or two is ok, but still, it numbs your mind and numbs your senses. Like drinking and driving, too much alcohol when dancing can also be dangerous.

I remember dancing with a woman at Alfie’s in Philadelphia. When I asked her to dance, I didn’t know that she was drunk until she starting clenching her hands around my fingers and started to dance her first steps. Oh boy! I was in for a treat! She was ALL over the place. It was a little crowded on the dance floor too. I wasn’t worried about her as much as the people dancing around us. She took huge steps forward and backward and there was no controlling her. She almost crashed into people and she almost fell a few times too. In retrospect, I should have just said thank you, and left her after her first few steps.

If you must drink, you should limit your alcohol intake. Or if you insist drinking as much as you can, then just sit down and watch the salsa dancers. Drinking and dancing do not mix whether you are a girl or a guy.  Enjoy the salsa dance alcohol free.

Salsa Dancer Drunk

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