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Dinner and dancing guide in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York area

Let’s find a place for dinner and dancing!

Dinner and dancing is a favorite pastime for salsa dancers.  Even if you are not a salsa dancer, dinner and dancing is a great idea for a fun date!  It's important that you choose a spot with good wholesome food. You do not want to go out to a fast food restaurant and end up feeling sick on the dance floor. (Believe me I've tried it once) When you leave a restaurant, you should feel good and content, but not overly stuffed so that you can still dance.


No chain restaurants, just good wholesome food

If you are used to chain restaurants like McDonald's, Burger King, Cheesecake Factory, or TGI Friday's, then you are in for a nice surprise!  Almost all the places I'm suggesting are not chain restaurants and provide a more pleasant experience – smaller portions, less salt, healthier choices, and flavorful food. Once you've dined at these places, you'll know what good food tastes like and it will change your dinner preferences forever.

How this list was started

I started exploring restaurants in the area after I met my friend Brett. She is very knowledgeable about dining recommendations in New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey because her past experience in the wine industry. Here are some of the places I’ve had dinner before going out salsa dancing.  I've personaly enjoyed the food and service at these restaurants, so they are definitely worth mentioning.  Here's a warning though.  There are places where you can have dinner and salsa dancing at the same place, but it's very rare that the dinner will be as high caliber as the restaurants I share with you. Personally, I would rather have a fine meal at another place and then travel to the salsa club for dancing.

Here are the places that are worth mentioning

If you do go out and visit these places, come back here and give us a short review.

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If you have any other restaurants to suggest, let us know.

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