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Dance Shoe Accessories for your Salsa Dance Shoes

Salsa Dance Shoe Accessories

Here are some dance shoe accessories that you will find useful for carrying, storing, and maintaining your salsa shoes.

Blister Block

Blister Block
Blister Block Back

One of the first things you’ll need when you break-in your dance shoes is something to prevent blisters. Blister Block by Johnson & Johnson may help prevent blisters by lubricating your skin. It looks like a little deodorant bar for your feet. It goes on clear and it is useful for both men and women.

I’ve tried wrapping band-aids around my toes, but it tends to move around after it gets moist. And if you have little toe hairs, the adhesive can get stuck to them. Then you will have to soak the band-aid until it comes loose, cut your toe hair, or pull your hair out. But that’s enough talk about that.. On to the next accessory.

Shoe Brush

A Suede Sole Shoe Brush is a must if you have dance shoes. You use it to clean the dirt and wax off the suede sole and to make it rough. After using your shoes, the suede bottom becomes smooth and dirty. Brushing it will allow the shoe to grip the floor a bit and prevent you from sliding around and risking a fall. If you think about it, your shoe brush is a sort of safety device.

Don’t be cheap. Buy a brush, they are inexpensive and last a long time.

Shoe Bag

You will need some sort of Shoe Bagto haul your shoes around. This particular one comes in black, red, or silver. It might be better to buy two or more bags so you can bring a couple pairs of shoes with you. You never know when you’ll need an extra pair.

Heel tip protectors

These heel tip protectors are made of plastic and fit over the Very Fine 2.5″ low heel and Very Fine 3″ high heel. Not sure if these will work with other brands of shoes, but they are inexpensive, so you might want to try a pair and see if they work for you.

You can buy these accessories at Exotic Salsa Shoes by clicking on the banner below.

Exotic Salsa Shoes

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