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Combined Basic Salsa Step – The man and womans step together

Combined Basic Salsa Step – When the man and woman step together

Here’s the animation for the combined basic salsa step for the man and woman.

Slow Animation

Animated Combined Basic Salsa Step Slow

When you are looking at the animated footsteps, try to image you and the woman holding hands in open or closed position.

If you concentrate on both parts, it may be confusing. So concentrate on the guys steps if you are a man or the gals steps if you are woman. When you are dancing in real life, you won’t be concentrating on your partner’s steps anyway.

Fast Animation

Animated Combined Basic Salsa Step Fast

Salsa dancing is dance with a driving beat, so its good to look at this fast animation. You’ll never be dancing as slow as in the slow animation. So when you are practicing, try to work up to the speed of this fast animation.

You should be stepping only when the footsteps appear so that you can get a sense of timing.

Eventually, these steps will become second nature to you and you won’t have to think about it anymore.

Its important to have these basic steps right so that you can build a solid foundation.

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