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Cafe Sevilla in San Diego

Cafe Sevilla in San Diego

by Michelle…

(Neosho, MO)


A friend at work turned me onto Cafe Sevilla when I was in San Diego on a 3 week work trip. I think the saddest part was not finding this place until days before I had to go…

Cafe Sevilla’s lessons begin at 8:30, with light hearted fun. She teaches you salsa, merengue as well as a few spins and steps each night tues-thurs.

Since I’ve been back home in Missouri, there hasn’t been a day where I didn’t wish I was back there dancing away the night. It’s changed me, the way I think, and how I view things.

The “regulars” were quite friendly, and I think I sat down for an entire song out of both nights I spent there. It was the most awesome time I’ve ever had in my life.

If you’re in San Diego, hit up Cafe Sevilla on 4th street. It’s quite amazing!


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