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Your Beginners Guide to Salsa Dancing. Let’s Go Dance Salsa!

Your Beginners Guide to Salsa – Start here

Here’s your Beginners Guide to Salsa to answer all your questions that you may have about salsa dancing and the salsa scene. Upenn Salsa Club Dance - Salsa Dancers Salsa Dancing

This guide will help you prepare for your first salsa dance so you know what to expect. It covers topics of how to dress, the proper ettiquete, how to find places to dance, and tips for getting better.

If you have any questions that you want answered, please ask a question by clicking “Salsa Q n A” on the menu bar at the top.

Here is the most popular question:

Do I need a salsa dance partner?
No! Absolutely not. Find out why you don’t need a dance partner in salsa.

Your first salsa dance
What you can expect at your very first salsa dance party.

How do I find out where to take salsa lessons?
Where to go to search for the right instructor.

Should I take group or private salsa lessons?
How long does it take to learn salsa?

Let me ask you this. What are your goals and how much money do you want to spend?

What is the magic formula to get better at dancing?

If you’re not getting any better, here’s how…
Learn to Salsa Dance – Anyone can do it!


Drinking and Dancing
The alcohol makes you think that you dance better, but the only problem is that you are the only one thinking it.

Where do I go to dance salsa?
Some of the places you can go to dance salsa.

What should I wear to a salsa lesson or salsa club?
What to wear and what not to wear for salseros y salseras.

Should I buy salsa dance shoes?
How dance shoes will help.

Dance Etiquette
What to do when you want to ask someone to dance or asked to dance.

Salsa Dance Mastery System

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