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Back Break Step – Basic Salsa Move

Back Break Step – Basic Salsa Move

Here’s an animation of the Back Break Step.

Slow Animation

Back Break Back Step Slow

The back break step is a fundamental salsa step that you will see used in the enchufla move. When you are practicing these steps, make sure you shift your entire weight back when you step back onto your left or right foot. Your weight should roll from the ball of your foot to the heel of your foot. Your heel should actually touch the ground.

Take care and make sure you take small steps. This is very important to learn now because it will be a hard habit to break later on. As a rule of thumb, the front of your foot should not step past the heel of your other foot.

Small steps will allow you to dance to faster music.

Fast Animation

Back Break Back Step Fast

This is a faster animation of the back break step. Don’t worry if it looks too fast. After practicing the move over and over it will become second nature to you.

Its important that you step only when the footstep appears so that you can become familiar with timing.

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