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Salsa Move – Back Break Left Step

Back Break Left Step – Basic Salsa Move

Here’s an animation of the Back Break Left Step in salsa.

Slow Animation

Mens Back Break Left Step Slow

Here’s the slow animation of the mens back break step. It is also known as the cumbia step. It is the same as the back break step except when you step back, you swing your back counter-clockwise (swing to the left).

Pay attention to your right foot. It should keep pointing forward when you back step on your left foot.

Take care not to take a huge backstep. You might step on someone behind you. Its better to take a small step and keep your left foot close to your right heel when you step back.

Don’t step on yourself though!

Fast Animation

Mens Back Break Left Fast

Here’s a faster animation so that you can work yourself up to the speed of real salsa music.

You can combine this with the Back Break Right step so that you can alternate between swinging back on your left foot and your right foot.

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