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Atrium Christmas Latin Party – Atrium Dance Studio’s 2008 Christmas Salsa Dancing Performances

2008 Atrium Christmas Latin Party

The Atrium Christmas Latin Party is always a big event with student performances from the salsa dancing, R&B line dance, hip hop, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, and Belly Dancing classes.  The Atrium Dance Studio’s salsa student performances started in 2004 with the first intermediate salsa performance group. Now four years later, it has become a tradition and has expanded to performances by the advanced salsa performance group.

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The Atrium Christmas Latin Party gives the students the opportunity to show everyone what they’ve learned during the year. You can say its sort of like a recital.  All the moves of the routine are typically made of the parts of routines taught in the salsa classes.

Here is the video of the Intermediate Salsa Performance group salsa dancing at the Atrium Dance Studio:

The salseros y salseras performers are: Rob & Betty, Juno & Martha, Johnathon & Janice, Jack & Alexandra, Ben & Myra, Aaron & Jen, Ben & Jill

The Advanced Salsa Performance Group

The R&B Line Dance performance group does a little salsa rueda:


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