Aspira Gala 2010 Tickets April 17, 2010

For those of you who bought Aspira Gala 2010 Tickets for February 6, 2010 to see Gilberto Santa Rosa, you may be looking for the announcement about exchanging your tickets..

What announcement?

Apparently, someone is lax on their duties and didn’t update the Aspira website at  As of today 4/12/2010, it still shows the moldy message “ASPIRA will publicize shortly when tickets holders can redeem their previously purchased ticket for a new one as well as purchase additional ones.”

Here’s the unofficial scoop

I called Aspira and was told that you will need to exchange your old tickets. The tickets can be exchanged where you bought them.

So if you bought your tickets at Aspira, go to their office on the 3rd floor

ASPIRA, Inc. of Pennsylvania
4322 North 5th Street, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19140
(215) 455-1300

If you bought your tickets at Centro Musical, go to their place:

464 W Lehigh Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19133

I called Centro Musical and confirmed that you must exchange your tickets. They will “exchange them number for number” from what I was told on the phone. They close at 7:30 pm on Tuesday. I’m not sure what time they close the other days.

If you know why they are putting us through the hassle, let me know. It sounds crazy and ridiculous that they won’t just honor the old ticket. My guess is that its red tape.

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