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Age limit for learning salsa

Age limit for learning salsa

by Tabassum



What should be the age for learning salsa?

Comments for Age limit for learning salsa

Mar 05, 2013 No age limit NEW

by: Anonymous

There is no age limit for SALSA dance. I am 57, dancing…..

Jan 05, 2013 inquiry NEW

by: aaqib


i want to learn salsa. whom should i contact ?plz explain me with details….

Jun 21, 2010 Hope there’s not one!

by: Karen

I just had my 3rd Salsa lesson yesterday & I’m 58.

I got interested after attending 2 Salsa Congresses with my daughter, who performs with the student group at the studio where we both take lessons. It just looks like everyone’s having so much fun when they dance Salsa! I can’t wait to get good enough to try social dancing. Love this web site!

Apr 25, 2010 Age for learning Salsa

by: Eric

If you can get up out of bed, you’re not too old to learn Salsa. I started when I was 37 and I’ve been going full steam 5-6 nights a week. There are some that may move a little slower, but just go for it.

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