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Advanced Salsa Performance Group from the Atrium Dance Studio

Advanced Salsa Performance Group December 2007


This is the third Advanced Salsa Performance Group of the Atrium Dance Studio. Barbara Capaldi and George Dennis both choreographed this one. As usual we had 6 weeks to get this routine together.

The routine starts off with a women’s shine to some partner work. Then the men’s shine, more partner work, a group shine, some tango-salsa moves, and into a some crazy pattern at the end.

Salsa Dancers

Salsa Dancers from the Advance Salsa Performance Group

Here are the dancers from left to right:

Leila, Arren, Diana, Barbara Capaldi (owner and Dance Instructor of the Atrium Dance Studio), Manny, Devon, Arturo, Jeanette, Mike, and Patty.

Not pictured: Christian. You’ll see him dancing with Patty in the performance.

Salsa Performance Video

Enjoy the show !


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