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Advanced Salsa Performance Group from the Atrium Dance Studio

Advanced Salsa Performance Group 2006


This is the first ever Advanced salsa performance group that Barbara put together. We had only six weeks to prepare.

As with any large group, we had our own problems. The biggest problem was getting everyone together in one room to practice. With so little practice time as one group, we had problems moving as one body. You’ll see this in the video below as the moves cascade instead of moving as one.

By all means, it was nothing terrible, but not as polished as it should’ve been. We all worked very hard to practice and perform our best.

Here are the members of the Advanced group.

The Women

Pictured from left to right are Sandy, Jenn, Devon, Bracey, Jeanette, and Connie

Salsa Dancing Advanced Performance Group Women

Not pictured: Brett. She was not able to perform because her dance partner hurt his back.

Oh.. And.. you can’t forget Tiffany picture to the left of Alex in the picture below.

The Men

Pictured from left to right are Alex, Chino, and Sergio
Salsa Dancing Advanced Performance Group Men 1

Pictured from left to right are Arren (me), Rob, Herman, and Llyod
Salsa Dancing Advanced Performance Group Men 2

Not pictured: Gary. He could not perform because he hurt his back.

We danced for Atrium’s Latin Christmas Party on December 16th, 2006 and the Christmas Ballroom Party on December 17th

Here’s the video from the 16th Sorry for the head that gets in the way.

6th Latin Anniversary Party

Barbara Capaldi held her 6th Latin Anniversary Party on February 3rd, 2007. Her students performed as well as other groups in the area. A couple groups from New York even came down to Perform!

Here is the video of Barbara’s Advanced performance group. (Apparantly on a diet).

Performing are Brett and Arren (me), Connie and Herman, and Rob and Devon


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