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Advanced Salsa Performance Group from the Atrium Dance Studio

Advanced Salsa Performance Group 2007


This is the second Advanced Salsa Performance Group of the Atrium Dance Studio. Just like last time, we only had 6 weeks to prepare.

We prepared our routine under the direction of George Dennis. The group was much smaller this time with only 5 couples and was much easier to manage this time.

Here are the couples dancing for the Advanced group.

Arren and Chantelle, Mike and Jeanette, Herman and Connie, Chris and Millie, and last but not least George and Brett.

We danced for Atrium’s Latin Party on June 16th, 2007. We are also scheduled to dance for the Philadelphia Salsa Congress on June 22, 2007.

This performance better than the one from the first performance group because as a group we were more in sync. And even though it was a simple routine, we put more energy into it and everyone worked 3 times as hard.

Props to the women in the group. They worked for hours on end trying to make all their moves and styling the same. As you watch the video, try and pay attention to see how well they stay in synch from the their footwork all the way to the tips of their fingers.

Here’s the video from the 16th


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