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Addicted to Salsa

Signs you are addicted to salsa dancing

You are normal one day and then the next you find yourself addicted to salsa dancing. Your whole world revolves around salsa, and you don’t remember life without it. To understand if you are true addict to salsa dancing, start with understanding the definition of an addict.

Definition from Dictionary.com:
“To occupy (oneself) with or involve (oneself) in something habitually or compulsively.”


“Habitually or compulsively”, keep these two words in mind when you go through the list of signs.  If you think about it, dancing is like an addictive drug! Think about the time you got your first taste of the salsa basic step. The music comes on and you start to move with the salsa music. At first your steps are shaky and shy, but then you start getting into it. With each step you are more in tune with the rhythm, and the more you dance, the more you feel the music within you.

After the first lesson, you think to yourself, “That was kinda cool!”. Eventually down the road, six weeks later you find yourself taking classes and going to clubs with no end in site. You start to look forward to the next lesson.. the next dance.. the next fix.. You don’t know how it happened, but you find yourself addicted to salsa dancing.

Addicted to salsa dancing

Here are signs that are addicted to salsa

You own salsa dancing shoes.

You find that you are thinking about salsa more than twice a day.

You find that you are take salsa lessons more than once a week.

You are going to a salsa dancing club almost every day of the week.

When you get up in the morning, your first thought of the day is “Where am I going to go salsa dancing tonight?”

When you go to dinner, you bring your dancing shoes so you can go dancing afterwards.

When you meet a new person, you try and get them to go salsa dancing.

When you met that new person it was at a salsa dance studio or club.

All your friends are salsa dancers.

You no longer hang out with your old friends because they aren’t salsa dancers.

You no longer think that salsa is just a sauce.

You find yourself dancing to salsa music in your head while cooking.

You find yourself busting out a salsa spin when you want to turn around.

Your body revolts against you and you find yourself sick with a fever because your immune system is compromised from staying out late every night salsa dancing.

You’ve named your first born baby “salsa”.

You enter salsa friends in your cellphone as “salsa sarah” or “emily salsa”.

You own a salsa shoe bag.

You have a salsa shoe brush.

You made a budget to include salsa lessons and salsa clubs.

You seek out salsa congresses and salsa fests.

You find yourself watching salsa videos on you tube so you can learn the next new move.

You are in a salsa performance group.

You know how to do a cross body lead and an enchufla.

You didn’t know how to get around Philly or New York before, but now you do because you go to all the salsa clubs.

You know where all the salsa clubs are around town.

When you plan a vacation, it includes going to a salsa club at your destination.

You pack salsa shoes and salsa outfits whenever you go on vacation.

You dance salsa with your dog, niece, nephew, or anyone you can get your hands on.

You have salsa dancing pot lock parties.

Your birthday involves a salsa birthday dance.

People start calling you a salsa dancing addict.

You’ve added your own line to this list by commenting below.

You create a salsa dancing website like this one and name it salsa dancing addict.
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