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Salsa dancing returns to Octo Waterfront Grille! (formerly Rock Lobster)

The season kicks off with “Wepa Wednesdays” starting May 5, 2010 Cinco de Mayo!
Doors open at 4 PM for the grand opening and its FREE COVER ALL NIGHT.

Join Victor Color for a FREE Salsa Lesson from 8PM to 9PM and salsa performances by Darlin Garcia.

For the Grand Opening, they are featuring a LIVE salsa band – Jimmy Jorge and The Latin Express!

Music by: DJ Rumbero – Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha

Octo Waterfront Grille – www.octophilly.com
221 N. Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA
215-923-OCTO / 267-716-1594

See also Facebook Event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=110837088954665

For those of you who bought Aspira Gala 2010 Tickets for February 6, 2010 to see Gilberto Santa Rosa, you may be looking for the announcement about exchanging your tickets..

What announcement?

Apparently, someone is lax on their duties and didn’t update the Aspira website at http://www.aspirapa.org/.  As of today 4/12/2010, it still shows the moldy message “ASPIRA will publicize shortly when tickets holders can redeem their previously purchased ticket for a new one as well as purchase additional ones.”

Here’s the unofficial scoop

I called Aspira and was told that you will need to exchange your old tickets. The tickets can be exchanged where you bought them.

So if you bought your tickets at Aspira, go to their office on the 3rd floor

ASPIRA, Inc. of Pennsylvania
4322 North 5th Street, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19140
(215) 455-1300

If you bought your tickets at Centro Musical, go to their place:

464 W Lehigh Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19133

I called Centro Musical and confirmed that you must exchange your tickets. They will “exchange them number for number” from what I was told on the phone. They close at 7:30 pm on Tuesday. I’m not sure what time they close the other days.

If you know why they are putting us through the hassle, let me know. It sounds crazy and ridiculous that they won’t just honor the old ticket. My guess is that its red tape.

Here’s more about salsa dance etiquette.  I see this happen often during the free salsa lesson before the actual dance starts at salsa clubs, but it occurs on the dance floor just as well.     What am I talking about? I’m talking about the salseros who feel that they need to teach every salsera they dance with how to dance salsa. By the time the women gets to me in the rotation, they are usually wide eyed and shocked at how some people take salsa so seriously.  These women often get “yelled” at by that salsero and it takes away from all the fun.

At the same time the same thing can happen to a salsero. The woman may tell the guy how to lead when she herself  isn’t a good dancer!   Its the woman’s job to follow the lead no matter how good or bad the lead is.   If the guy doesn’t lead you to go somewhere, then don’t go there. Its not going to help the guy if you anticipate things and do things automatically.  If you follow the lead, then the only reason you didn’t go where he wanted you to go is because he didn’t give you a good lead. Its his job to figure it out and its your excuse to say “that’s where I felt you were leading me.”

Here’s a good rule of thumb.

Unless you are the dance instructor giving the lesson, or unless the other person asks you how to dance, don’t offer any advice. Just let them dance! Most people dance for health and to have fun and they are not aspiring to become a professional dancer.

If you need to tell the other person how to dance. It is better etiquette to ask if they want your advice.  Example: “Would you like me to give you a tip about ______?” (fill in the blanks)  Your feedback will be better received if the person receiving your advice actually wants it.

There are exceptions to this.. If you know something is dangerous where the other person can get hurt by doing the wrong move, by all means tell them.

More about dance etiquette:  http://www.salsa-dancing-addict.com/dance-etiquette.html

What is the fascination that some people have with seats at a salsa dance?   I’m sure that you have experienced this at one point.

This is a true story that happened to me at the Philadelphia Salsa  Congress Pre-Kickoff dance a few years ago..  The dance floor was in the middle with rows and rows of seats along the perimeter.  I was dancing and wanted to sit down.  So I sit down in an empty seat..  As soon as I sit down, someone comes up to me and says, “sorry, but that’s my seat”.  I look to the left, look to my right and behind me.  TONS of empty seats around me.   WHY or why was this person telling me that this was his seat? What was the point? What is the purpose?  I got up with a puzzled look on my face and walked away. I was not about to fight about a seat.

This other incident recently happened at Posh in Mt. Laurel NJ.    There a dance floor in the corner with long L shaped bar that wraps along the two walls of the restaurant.  Opposite of the bar is a wall where the owners place dining seats next to each other so people could sit.  There were a bunch of random people sitting down and there was one seat free. (yay,  one seat for me!)   Yes, I wanted to sit down but some lady quickly put her hand down on the seat and said that she was saving the seat for someone! The first thing I thought was “What? Do I smell?”  Nope.. I took a shower and brushed my teeth before coming to Posh.   I looked around and didn’t see anyone that she’d be saving the seat for.   I asked her who’s she saving the seat for, followed by my puzzled “Really? Who are you saving it for?”  A couple more times of this and she suddenly changed her mind — “oh you can sit there.”  At this point, I just wave at the seat with disgust.  She again offers up the seat.  I said no forget it.  It really wasn’t important to me and I didn’t want to sit next to her anyway.