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All posts in March, 2009

Cinco De Miro: Whole Lotta Bachata
2nd Annual Fundraiser

6:30 -11 pm

Cover: $25.00

Location: Founder’s Hall, Girard College
2101 S College Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19121

Miro Dance Theatre’s party for the people is back with a whole lotta bachatta. Led by DJ Victor Colon. Miro supporters are teaming up with professional salsa dancers from Fuzion Creativa and battling it out on the dance floor in the name of all that is Miro. Mark your calendar and join the fun in support of your friendly neighborhood experimental dance theatre company.

For more information and to buy tickets, visit www.mirodancetheatre.org or call (215) 962-4773

Philly Jam 3

DJ Spanky will be playing the Hottest Salsa/Mambo/Cha-Cha from 9 pm to 2 am

Cover $15

Associated Polish Home
9150 Academy Road
Philadelphia, PA 19114

The event is hosted by Mario B.

Performances by:

Masacote Dance Company, Estil Dance Studio, Urban Vibe, Leña Dance Co., Fuzion Creativa, Calle Luna, Art In Motion Latin Dancers, Bella Salsa

Estilo Dance Studio held their Spring Salsa Student Performance on March 21, 2009 at the TD University center in Mt. Laurel, NJ.

DVDs for the 2009 Spring Student Performance are available at Estilo Dance Studio.
Visit the studio or contact them at http://www.estilodancestudio.com/contact.html

The Estilo student performance is always a big production with an afternoon show and an evening show because of the droves of people who want to come and watch!    I went to watch the evening show and literally every seat was filled! People had to stand in the aisles!

If you are going to watch the performance next year, be sure to come early so you can grab your seat of choice.

My favorite performance and the crowd’s favorite performance was the Men’s Shine Performance.   All in all everyone did an absolutely FABULOUS job!

Below are the performers by Estilo and special guests.  The dancers are professionals, amateurs, and beginners of all age levels.
#1 Estilo Salsa Intermediate Performance II
Choreography: Uriel Garcia/Liz Becerra
Salseras: Alexandria Atkins, Jessica Becerra, Liz Becerra, Alicia D’Onofrio, Kelleigh Masciangelo, Jan Mason, Aryana Perez, Elisabetta Ruso
Salseros: Norberto Baez, Chris Camburn, Ivan Camilo, Manny Cruzado, Eric Datis, Christian Galietta, Luis Mendoza, Gary Moreau

#2 Estilo Kids Hip Hop
Lavon Patterson
Girls: Marina Lopez, Angelica  Quinones, Nyasha Velasquez
Boys: CJ Colston-Melendez, Lance Lopez

#3 Estilo Salsa Intermediate Performance I
Mike Andino/Irina Pistolet
Salseras: Aminata Davis, Cela Gentieu, Erin Mason, Lissette Ramos, Pauline Salerno, Lorena Zombrano
Salseros: Eric Datis, Christian Galietta, Rob Grisko, Jose Hernandez, Rob Robinson, Alvin Romero

#4 Ahi-Nama Ladies Styling
Vicki, Erica, Sharome, Jen, Millie

#5 Kids Con Estilo
Mike Andino
Salseras: Pamela Hernandez, Lauren Lopez, Marina Lopez, Angelica Quinones, Nyasha Velasquez
Salseros: CJ Colston-Melendez, Jose Hernandez, Anthony Hernandez, Lance Lopez, Wence Vargas

#6 La Luna Con Estilo (La Stilo)
Mike Andino/Kathleen Eccleston
Salseras: Sol Carmelina Barreto, Kristal Brounce, Mary Ellen Graham, Sharon de Suze
Salseros: Michael Didomenico, Christian Galietta, Rob Grisko, Watson Saintsulne

#7 Estilo Ladies Styling
Liz Becerra
Salseras: Jessica Becerra, Alicia D’Onofrio, Erika Speed, Jan Mason

#8 Special Guest Living in Rhythm Advanced

#9 Estilo Salsa Beginner Performance
Choreography: Kathleen Eccleston
Salseras: Juanita Linares, Dolores Malone, Xionique Velez
Salseros: Efrain Alarcon, Antonio Gonzales, Rob Grisko

#10 Mens Shine Performance
Darlin Garcia
Salseros: Darlin Garcia, Rob Grisko, David Sauceda

#11 Estilo Mambo Performance
Geroge Dennis
Salseras: Tenisha Gravely, Marisol Ibarrondo, Elana Mendez-Tadel, Szilvia Laszczik
Salseros: Peter Kim, Roland Simons

#12 Estilo Instructor Performance
Darlin Garcia
Salsera: Irina Pistolet
Salsero: Darlin Garcia

#13 Special Guest Living in Rhythm Bachata

#14 Estilo Salsa Advanced Performance
Darlin Garcia
Salseras: Melissa Anthony, Marissa Dyer, Zoe Fonseca-Kelly, Szilvia Laszczik, Jackie Vega
Salseros: Mike Andino, Stephen Choo Quan, Rob Grisko, Lloyd McDonnaugh, Antonio Romero

#15 Grand Finale
All Estilo Students/Instructors and Special Guests