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Friday February 6th 2009

Come Join Fuzion Creativa Dance Company for Food, Performances, and the best of Salsa and MambWestville Square Ballroom Side Entranceo.

On1 & On2 Lessons beginning at 8:30 PM

$11 in advance/ $15 at the door

201 D Broadway 2nd Floor, Westville NJ, 08093

Look for the clock in front.  Parking in rear.

The entrance to the studio is on the left side of the building as you look at the sign “Westville Square”.



















Savoy Pennsuaken NJ

It looks like the dress code has gotten more relaxed. I saw guys going in just wearing t-shirts. It used to be that you had to wear a shirt with a collar.

The interior looks like it had another upgrade.  It looked better than I remembered it. Perhaps it was the black curtain that divided the Latin section from the Hip Hop side.  At least I am assuming it was hip hop.  I saw light coming from the other side of the curtain, but I didn’t really hear any music.
Savoy FloorThere are actually two dance floors for Latin Dancing  at Savoy. The floor in the middle is round and is made of marble?  Or some other type of material.  
 A couple years ago, that floor used to be very sticky and hard to turn, even with dance shoes.   But tonight was different.  It was actually a floor that was easy to dance on.  Its becomes a little difficult to dance as many people like to dance on this circular floor. 
To the right of that floor is a more traditional parque (sp?) wooden dance floor.  That used to be sticky too, but its  not a problem anymore.  
It used to be hit or miss… But there was a good crowd tonight despite the holiday weekend. I guess either lots of people stayed home or came home Friday.   In any case, there were a ton of people to dance with.    I was surprised at all the new people I saw.  They actually outnumbered the people I am used to seeing.
Overall, I actually had a good time.  I would have stayed longer, but 12:45 am came around very fast and I had to drive my friend back to collingswood.

Atrium Dance Studio recently had their Latin Christmas party on December 20th.   Aside from the dancing, I usually go to watch the studio performances.  

Each year, students from the intermediate and advanced salsa class come together for 6 weeks to work on a performance for the salsa christmas party.   Its a culmination of salsa moves and routines that they’ve learned during the year.  You can sort of call it a recital.   

The crowd was awesome last night, they were very loud and supportive and brought a ton of energy and added that bit of extra excitement to the performances. 

Amoung the salsa performances were the intermediate salsa group, the advanced salsa group, the R&B line dance team doing a little bit of salsa rueda, and then there was the Prince of Salsa (Eli Torres), who performed a salsa routine with his dance partner Yen Dorado.

You can see the Atrium Dance Studio performances be clicking on this link.

I recently went to Take the Lead Dance Studio for their Christmas salsa party on December 19th.  It was very unique because there was a cocktail hour from 8-9pm, where all the salseros could eat and drink an assortment of crackers, cheese, vegetable tray, and fruit snacks. 

At 9 pm there was the usual salsa dance lesson.  It progressed rather quickly from extreme beginner to beginner-intermediate moves.    Garincha made it fun and interesting.  To my surprise, the salsa lesson quickly became a salsa rueda. 

Now, here’s where things became a little odd because no other dance studio does this.   There was social salsa dancing for a while, and then there were performances.     The first performance was some sort of fusion tango, then there was an african dance and a couple more performances.  None were salsa.

Then after the performances, Garincha showed us a movie that the studio did.  I was a little perplexed why we were watching a movie, but it became apparent at the end when Garincha explained it all. 

Take the Lead Studio is a place where you can learn many different things, not just salsa.   His studio now specializes in african dance, flute lessons, salsa lessons, and acting (which explains the video).

Event hosted by Fuzion Creativa Dance Company

Be sure to wear red attire for this event, because it will be HOT as we celebrate the birthdays of Delilan Bass, Elaine Sanabria, and George Dennis!

Starts Friday, January 2 2009 at 8:30pm – 2:00 am
Free Dance lessons at 8:30 pm
Music by DJ La Clave – salsa, mambo, cha cha cha, bachata, merengue

This event will be held at The Sweatshop 510 N. Kings Hwy., Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

Cover is $8 advanced ticket purchase and $11 at the door.
To purchase tickets call 267-259-5872 or 609-330-6804

Fuzion Flyer Fuego En Enero

What:     End of Semester SALSA Party
Where:   Take The Lead Dance Studio
              4701 Pine Street (Corner of 47th and Pine)
              University City, Philadelphia, PA 19143
              (215) 471-3215
Time:      Beginner lesson from 9 PM to 9:30 PM
              Dancing from 9:30 PM to midnight
Cost:      $5.  BYOB (Bring your own beverage)

No partner or experience necessary.   All ages admitted.

If you have a Penn ID, you can take one of the Penn vans to and from the above
location for FREE by calling (215) 898-RIDE.