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Event Friday, December 5th.

Free On 1 & On 2 Lessons classes beginning at 8:30 pm, dancing at 9:30 pm.  Event lasts till the last person leaves.

Cover: $8 in advance, $11 at the doorWestville Square Ballroom, Westville, NJ 08093
201 D Broadway 2nd  floor, Westville NJ 08093

Look for the clock in front.  Parking in rear. Westville Square Ballroom Side Entrance

The entrance to the studio is on the left side of the building as you look at the sign “Westville Square”.

Go up the stairs to the second floor.


Salsambo Event

Salsambo Event

I have seen Victor Color out and about around the salsa scene (See video –  Creative Fusion )  but I’ve never taken a salsa lesson with him. 

I went with my friend Emily to the Sweat Shop located 510 N. Kings Hwy., Cherry Hill, NJ 08034.   Its practically down the street from my house.   

I came in with no expectations and came out with some good pointers and high praises for Victor.   It was about an hour long class and there were 3 of us and Victor — me,  Emily and Dian-a.    We didn’t really do any complicated patterns, but we went over some very small but important things that makes for a better dancer. 

The one thing that we really worked on  was to give the girl a clear direction of where you want her to go.  For example a cross body lead..   You do not just open up and let her decide where she will go, but you give her a clear lead by using your right arm and send her through.  Victor used the word “push”, but I think it might be easier to think about using tension in your arm to guide the girl in the direction you want her to go..    With “push” I think you think more of pushing someone over forcefully.  Also with the word “push” I think you also tend to think “shove” which is not what you want.  

The lead should be forceful, yet gentle,  if that makes any sense.  You should use force, but not be rough.    The rest of the time after you are finished the lead, you are mostly relaxed. 

Overall, I enjoyed the class.  I really didn’t come in with expectations.  I really didn’t know what I wanted. But by the end of class, I knew that it wasn’t really the patterns that I wanted; I really wanted to learn the technical part of the dance that allows you how to lead better.  And that’s exactly what I got !  

Most of the instructors that you go to don’t nit-pick on the important technical part of the dance.  Victor actually provides the unique instruction that you need.  So while you may enjoy the patterns of the other instructors, its definitely worthwhile to supplement your training with Victor’s class !

More info to come on the main part of my website watch for it on my Salsa Dance Lesson page.

Emily salsera
Emily salsera

I went salsa dancing at Startdust in Bellmawr, NJ last night.

I haven’t been there in months. What drove me there last night?  or should I say who?  Actually, my friend Emily drove me since my house was on the way.. But what really drove me there was that my friend Tamara was celebrating her birthday that night.


She’s going to be 18 years young this Wednesday.   One of things I enjoyed that night was dancing the birthday dance..  That’s where the birthday salsera dances in the middle of a circle while salseros circle around.  Each salsero takes a turn dancing with the birthday girl.

Whenever you have the pleasure of participating in this special dance, you’ll have to remember to be quick.   The only way you’ll get to dance with the salsera, is if you are able to cut in and steal her away — which is what I had to do that night.

I wasn’t feeling very goodbecause I’ve been trying to get over a bout of sinus congestion.  It really put a damper on things, as I didn’t really dance that much that night.   But I did get the pleasure of seeing a bunch of my favorite salseras — Leila, Brianna, Michelle, Tamara, Jenn, and Devon.  I was also hoping to see Millie, but she was MIA.

Since I wasn’t doing much dancing, I was able to do allot of observing.   I was horrified as I watched this guy crank his partner with each move. It looked very rough and painful.   Here’s a good article that would explain a better way of leading the girl.    I’m not surprised if this guy had made the blacklist of many salseras.

On the flip side, there were some really good dancers that night too.. No. I’m not talking about really good advanced or professional dancers, but good intermediate dancers.  It reminded me that, you do not have to do all the fancy moves to dance well. The fancy moves won’t help if you can’t lead them.  I actually observed how some of the salseros are able to lead and guide the girl very smoothly and effortlessly through each move.

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I always look forward to the Atrium Dance Studio’s annual Halloween Latin Dance.  Just about every dresses up in a Halloween costume, and if you happen to be one of those people who don’t show up in costume, you’ll feel like the odd one out.

Its always a blast to see what people show up as..   It’s a little tougher choosing a Halloween costume especially for a salsa party.  There are several things you want to think about like …..

Do you really want to wear a mask?  It is difficult to dance in a mask, you’ll get all sweaty and then you have to remove the darn thing if you want to eat or drink..
Do you want to wear something with a cape? Or something with a jacket?  Again, think hot, sweaty and uncomfortable.
So really, if you want to be comfortable and still want to eat and dance, you’ll have to show up with a costume that doesn’t cover your face.. You probably don’t want anything with huge hair or a big hat..

Here are some costumes that may fit into this category:  Indian, Pirate, Scarecrow,  Doctor, Nerd, Fireman, Movie characters, and the list can go on and on.