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Salsa Dancing – The dance of intimate passion and addiction

Are YOU a salsa dancing addict?

It can happen to all walks of life and all ages. Whether you a kid or adult, student or a doctor, it can happen to you.

Hi, my name is Arren, and I’m a salsa dancing addict. It first started in September 2000 when my friend asked if I wanted to take a salsa lesson at a new dance studio that opened – the Atrium Dance Studio in Pennsauken, NJ. When I arrived, there was a group of about 30 people in the Basics 1 class. I didn’t know what this dance was, or what I was getting into. The very first steps were awkward, but soon found their mark. After we learned the basic step, Barbara Capaldi, our dance instructor, put on the music. The moves to the music came together in a way I can’t describe. I’ve been dancing salsa ever since!

Salsa Dancing Friends - Davina, Kisha, ArrenHere I am with friends: Davina, Kisha, and Arren (me)

It’s over 10 years later and I’m still dancing and loving it! The driving beat of the dance makes you move. When you dance with your partner and make a connection, this dance can turn passionate and sensual.
Bracey and Rob salsa dancing
You too can learn to dance and experience the passion.

The salsa dancing community

What makes the salsa scene different from the normal club scene? The difference is the community of salsa dancers. When you go to a salsa club, you won’t find raunchy bumping and grinding and you won’t feel like you are walking into a meat market. I have danced with people all over the United States and around the world and everyone is inviting and friendly. In the picture below, I’m dancing with a local Japanese woman at Latin Soul in Ginowan City, Okinawa. It was a wonderful experience because even though I could not speak fluent Japanese, I was able to communicate with dance.

Salsa Dancing at Latin Soul In Ginowan City Okinawa

Wherever you go, you will have the sense of feeling at home. As a dancing addict, you will find that many of your new friends will come from dancing. You will have many opportunities to make lifelong quality friendships and relationships.

Finding everything salsa

I’ve created this website with all levels of salsa dancers in mind. In this website you will find:

* A beginner’s guide

* The basic salsa steps

* The history of salsa

* A listing of salsa clubs in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and more

* Salsa congress information

* Information on salsa shoes and salsa clothes

* Instructional DVDs

* Help for your timing

* Articles on salsa

* Information on dance studios

* Places to dine before going dancing

* Tips and tricks

* Much, much more.

Find your salsa dance shoes. Salsa shoes are lightweight dance shoes that have a suede sole. These shoes will help you turn and prevent injuries to your knees.

* Share your dancing experiences!

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Here are where your fellow salseros are located:Salsero vistor location
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